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Hairfinity Hair Vitamins Healthy Hair From the INSIDE OUT


Hair Growth Product

Hair Growth Products can help your hair grow its longest. Your mane actually grows 1/2 inch per month. However, you may not see significant growth if it is breaking at the same rate its growing. Longer hair is obtained by stopping breakage and speeding up growth at the same time. Gentle shampoos, protein and moisture treatments, and other products work to eliminate breakage. Supplements, on the other hand, can speed up growth.

For reduced breakage you need the following:

A gentle shampoo

An effective protein treatment

An effective moisture treatment

Heat protection products ( if you heat style your hair)

A good hair supplement

See Product Recommendations List or try Essentious Natural Hair Care Products formulated to Stop Hair Breakage and Stop Hair Shedding.

How to choose a hair supplement

Your vitamins should:

Contain basic nutrients.

Contain MSM. This lengthens your hair's growing phase and allows your mane to grow longer.

NOT contain excess proteins (which has been linked to reduced kidney function).

HairFinity Hair Vitamins nourish your hair from the INSIDE OUT

How does MSM make my hair grow longer?

MSM is a naturally ocurring sulfur found in many foods. It naturally increases your hair growth phase, which is genetically determined. This will allow your hair to reach lengths it has never been able to achieve before. The hair growth phase (anagen phase) is one of three phases your hair goes through during its cycle. This phase is genetically determined and can limit your hair to a specific length. For example, a person who has a 6 year anagen (growth phase) can grow hair down to their waist because hair grows about a half inch per month. In 6 years that would be 3 feet of hair growth. On the other hand, a person with only a 2 year anagen can only grow a single hair 1 ft before it enters the shedding phase. Although MSM is found in many foods, conventional cooking methods have been shown to significantly decrease it effectiveness in this form. This is why you should supplement MSM in your diet with HairFinity Hair Vitamins.

Can HairFinity help with breakage, shedding, dryness, etc..

Our hair vitamins promote faster hair growth. However, your hair care products, regimen, etc can cause your hair to break before it reaches its maximum length. For this reason, you should also use hair products that for your specific needs. HairFinity consultants can help you determine products that will work for your unique issues. Most of these products can be purchased from local beauty supply stores. To get a personalized recommendation, Submit the FREE Healthy Hair Consultation Questionnaire NOW.

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